Erectile Dysfunction Treatment important Option Fildena 100mg tablet



What Is Fildena 100mg?

This tablet similar to most of the drugs used to treat heartburn. Fildena 100mg is used one hour before intercourse. This tablet should not be used more than once a day, which can cause many side effects. It is possible to use this tablet with food, but using this tablet with food may delay its effect. Therefore, the use of this tablet should be obtained with the advice of a doctor or by visiting our site to get the right information.

What Are The Benefits Of Sildenafil 100mg tablets?

Fildena 100mg online tablet is used by men between the ages of 15 and 60. This tablet is used to treat male impotence. Sildenafil is available in the market cheaper than other drugs so it is used more. Since its effective time is 2 to 3 hours, it starts working within 30 minutes, so men recommend this tablet more. Also, this tablet is very useful for achieving hard erection for sex.

What is this medicine used for?

It is imperative to use this tablet as per the dose prescribed by the doctor. Once used, the tablet lasts for 4 hours after work, 50 minutes before sexual intercourse. For better results, avoid taking fatty foods before using Fildena tablets. Sildenafil works faster when the amount of fat in the blood is low.

Fildena 100mg Dosage

  • Fildena 25mg
  • Fildena 50mg
  • Fildena 100mg
  • Fildena 120mg
  • Fildena 150mg
  • Fildena Super Active
  • Fildena Chewable

Precautions Of Fildena 100mg

Fildena 100mg Tablet requires essential precautions before taking any drug, which you need to be aware of. Before you use of Fildena 200 or any other dose of Fildena, here are a few things you should keep in mind. This is recommended before using Fildena 100. You should avoid using this tablet if you suffer from liver disease, low blood pressure, high blood pressure, kidney disease, allergic reaction and any heart problem. Avoid taking this tablet while you are taking alcohol.

Where Should Store Fildena 100mg

Drug storage is inevitable as improper storage can reduce effectiveness. Many men store 100 mg tablets of their field at hot temperatures such as kitchens and bathrooms. As a result, the drug will not work properly.